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B House has been acquired by TWG.

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“BHouse has among it’s team some of the best mobile developers in North America. These guys will never cut corners and always make decisions from the perspective of the best technical and user experience design.”

Jamie Alexander,
Co-Founder & CTO at Sensibill

Helping clients get to market faster

Speed Matters

Putting together a world class mobile development team is time consuming, time that could be used to build your product so you can get it to market.

Full Service Mobile

Whether you are looking for a cross platform app, integration with your existing platforms, or a full blown SDK, we’ve got the experience and expertise to deliver.

Privacy & Ownership

We understand how important your intellectual property is. All the code in your project is owned by you. We won’t even publicly list your app in our portfolio, only your company as a client.

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The way we build apps

Fast, Buttery Smooth Apps

All great apps need to be responsive. Every swipe, flick, and touch needs to be smooth without hesitation. Our apps are smooth.

Crisp, Pixel Perfection

It’s important for your app to look exactly like you envisioned it. Thats why we pay attention to detail. The app you ship will look like or better than the mock ups you have.

Clean Modern Code

Clean code is often overlooked by inexperienced teams. We follow coding best practises to ensure our code is clean so that other coders can step in and pick up where we left off.

Cross Platform

We are a full service house. Whether you need iOS or Android we’ve got you covered.

Fast Build Cycles

It’s important that you see the progress your apps are undergoing, its part of the excitement of building apps. We deliver builds at virtually any interval you’d like.

Long Term Support

We don’t abandon our projects or clients. We have several options for our clients for long term support and maintenance of their apps.